Shading Screens

Made in Germany
Reimann is the pioneer for modern shading screens. For over five decades, Reimann’s shading screens have been the prime choice of professional horticulturalists everywhere. Our success is based on our close cooperation with practitioners and researchers in the field.

Flame-Retardant Screens
Disastrous fires, spread by highly flammable material, have destroyed complete greenhouses. Insurance companies now insist on the use of flame-retardant screens for almost all types of greenhouse.

Reimann’s screens certified for B1 fire protection standards (some including marks of conformity) remove this risk to your business.

B2 certified screens are an option for greenhouses with lower-risk facilities.
Product Range:
Pyrotex Reimatex Reimatex blackout
Trevira CS Pyro Net Aluscreen
Clear Day Screen Isocryl Alucryl
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